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Cranberry Pecan Relish

Cranberry Pecan Relish | CG DicksonBack when I was a twenty-something college student, I usually found myself away from my family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Luckily, a dear family whom I knew from childhood lived nearby and were kind enough to let me join their table a few years in a row.  Their daughter Kim and I are just four days apart.  Aside from my memories of having fun with Kim (going to Dracula the movie, eating cherry cordials, talking about boys, and buying McDonald’s cheeseburgers to tide us over until the main meal), I remember this wonderfully fresh cranberry dish that Sister Despain would make. After tasting her Cranberry Pecan Relish, I knew I’d never again enjoy the shaped-like-its-can cranberry sauce with which I was familiar.

Cranberry Pecan Relish | CG Dickson

As you prepare your holiday menus, here is a little delight you may choose to add.

Cranberry Pecan Relish
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  1. 12 oz bag of fresh cranberries
  2. 1 cup water
  3. 1 cup sugar
  4. 1 orange
  5. 1/2 cup chopped pecans
  1. 1. In a medium saucepan, bring cranberries, water and sugar to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and continue to boil for 10 minutes.
  2. 2. Allow the berry mixture to cool.
  3. 3. Peel the orange and chop the flesh. (You may choose to add a little orange zest to your mixture.)
  4. 4. Add the chopped orange and the pecans to the cooled berry mixture.
  5. 5. Pulse the mixture in a food processor or blender to reach desired consistency. (For me, it was less than two seconds to achieve the slightly chunky texture I prefer.)
  6. 6. For best flavor, chill for several hours, or overnight, before serving.
CG Dickson
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a day in my life (august)

Welcome to August’s “a day in my life” project.  I’m back on the wagon, in fact I may have driven a little too far this month.  Thursday, August 21st went a little something like this..

The only one excited to be awake before 6am…

Olivia brings breakfast for the 5 minute car ride to her seminary teacher’s home.  She asks, “did you just take my picture?”  Sure did, Livvy.  It’s THAT day again.

There are some advantages to early rising like driving into the sunrise

and then watching it in your rear view mirror on your return trip.

Next one out the door is Paul.  Middle school waits for no one.

Oops, forgot to get a snap of Dave before he left around 6:30 for a 24 hour shift.  (He’s not camera shy, he just wasn’t home.  Actually he is a photo bomber.)  I drop the little ones off to school a little after 8am.

Then, it’s just me and the four legged family members.  Ahhh!  I love my quiet time.  Today is spent trying to pull everything together for tomorrow’s The Creative Mama post.  (It sort of sneaked up on me.)

Must break for an opthamology appointment.  Having a mole/wart from under my eyelashes removed.  Nice scenery on the way…

Apparently I left sans mole but con residual yellow sanitizer.

On the plus side I was in and out of that appointment within 45 minutes and had some good tunes to listen to on the way home.

Again, some nice scenery, though now viewed through a glob of ointment.

Well, since I had my leftover tuna sandwich for breakfast, not sure what to do for lunch.  Oh… strawberry ice cream will work.

A nap is always nice.  ”Goodnight, sun.”

All too soon the “time-to-pick-up-the-littles-from-school” alarm startles me to conciousness.  Thank goodness that today there is an answer to “what’s for snack?!”  Ice cream.  I saved them some.

Chill time.

Oops, I believe we forgot to address homework today.  Boys on the wiiU.  Faith with friends.  Olivia in her teen chamber. It’s dark in there.

“What else can I have for snack?!”  Grapes!  Don’t ask me again for anything else!  EVER!:)

Trying to ignore these…

Olivia steps out into the light of socialization with the fam long enough to gather support for the ALS challenge.  Too bad our ice maker is crappy, hardly any ice.  Well, the water from the hose should be plenty cold.  Yep.

A simple chili dog dinner, followed by dinner chores and a little leisure. (That’s Wizards of Waverly place via Netflix. Too bad she forgot to “write a report on the book she never read!” Actually, it was her spelling assignment that she forgot about until 8:30pm.)

Live and learn and try better next week, dear.  This mama is ready for bed.  Seth picks Grandma Duck’s Little Helpers.  I guess we could look at it as the sequel to last night’s pick of Little Red Hen.

Goodnight!  5:30 am is gonna come early.

Now go see what real life is like at Jessie’s place.

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why i missed “a day in my life” (july)

I’m sad that I missed posting photos for my July “day in the life” project.  I guess I felt cheated ’cause I was excited to have actually taken the photos on the 4th of the month (as stated in the very loose rules of the game.) With it being July 4th there was lots of busyness to capture, and I did a great job on my camera phone.  Cousins and grandparents and old friends were all among the photos.  And then I lost my phone a couple of days later. It was never recovered.  So in mourning the loss of my iphone and the photos it contained (no, I didn’t know anything about icloud prior to this incident) I decided I would show the universe what I thought of this injustice.  Did I choose to photograph a different day?  Nope.  Did I write about my day when it was fresh in my memory?  Nope.

The good news is that I’m mostly over it.  I’ve eaten a few pieces of humble pie, and now I wish I’d done something.  (Afterall, wasn’t “Do Something” the title of my last TCM article?  C’mon, Clair.)

You can’t beat a Windsor, MO 4th of July celebration at Farrington Park, so that’s where we spent our Independence Day morning.  We met up with my brother Andy + family and my bff Janet and her crew.  The children participated in a few of the races but seemed to be mostly drawn the merry-go-round that was being wildly pushed by some overgrown, strange and enthusiastic kid… Dave.:) While at the park Grandma sprang for the biggest snowcones you’ve ever seen, one for each grandchild.  Unfortunately, the grandchildren’s parents were not included on the deal.

The day was truly a beautiful weather day.  It wasn’t too hot and there was a slight breeze which was very uncharacteristic of the 4th of July in MO which is either steam hot or raining + steaming hot.

During the few days we spent in Missouri, we enjoyed a night at Andy and Sara’s place where we learned how to play the candy bar game, found out what a real family swimming center looks like, gained a new appreciation of the our dogs Dozer’s manners (sorry, Winston, you are adorable, but…), and the kids discovered that chocolate chip is not the only tasty flavor of muffin.

In preparation for our upcoming move, Dave and I explored some housing possibilities.  We concluded that we are going to keep Windsor in mind as a back up plan, but Clinton really seemed to suit us best.  We learned that the military housing duplexes we are accustomed too are large and spacious in comparison to many others.  We are hoping that one of the 3 bedroom houses in nice neighborhoods (or something similar) will be available when we are ready to rent.  It would be great to say “this is where we are going to settle” but the timing of Dave’s military retirement is likely going to leave us with several months of “transition” where we truly get everything all figured out… ie. Dave gets a job.

We attended church in Clinton with thinking clouds over our heads that read “Can we see our family in this ward?” and we think we can.:)

We also had two great reunions with friends.

Faith got to see her BFF Hylee (who had moved away from us a couple of months prior.)  Knowing that these two would see each other again because both of our families where heading to Missouri was a great comfort when the day of temporary goodbyes came and went.  We met Hylee’s family at Cinzeti’s, a super-awesome, extremely delicious Italian restaurant in KC.

Then I got to hang with my BFF Janet.  She and Jason entertained us at their beautiful farm house.  (Faith wore her cowboy boots.)  I love how here children and my children blend right in with each other and have a ball. Especially Liv and Charli have made fast friends.  Dave did put in a little work for our supper, breaking down branches that went in the firepit that later toasted our marshmallows.  He also got a lesson in “how to try to trick a mama hen into caring for chicks that aren’t her own.”  Though we did not see lone buffalo head on this visit (thankfully,)  we did see an extremely long snakeskin that had been preserved.  Fascinating.:)

All in all, the trip to Missouri was fantastic.  The only downer of the whole thing was when we departed for home and realized that I did not have my phone.  There is another story here, but I don’t want to put a damper on all the great stuff, so I’m going to just let it go unwritten.

I do have a few pictures (ones that I had posted to Instagram before the great loss) of this time, so here they are…

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a day in my life (june)

Hi!  It’s been a while.  I have had three children celebrate birthdays since my last post in April.  I missed May’s ADIML.  But here I am with “the day I got very sunburned.”  On this particular Saturday, our family was split three different ways.  Dave needed some time and space to crack down on his online college courses.  Our teenagers attended the Nashville Temple with the youth group.  The little two and I spent our day at Seth’s t-ball game and then at the swimming pool.  Here’s a look at our baseball star in training-

I got a kick out of overhearing Seth’s conversation while covering 1st base.  He told the boy on 1st that he played baseball on the Wii and got home-runs all the time.  It was a super hot day which may have explained the lack of players who showed up.  We were in charge of drinks and brought blue Gatorades.  Seth repeatedly said, “Coach gets one too!”  We love Coach Lanika who also coached Faith in soccer a few years ago.  She’s great with the kids and she is no nonsense.  I was so happy when I asked her if the players needed to wear a certain color of pants and she said that pink-polka dot would be fine… they just need the team shirt.  Yeah for no fuss!  At one practice, Coach Lanika told Seth that he needed to make dinner because it would make him stronger.  You bet he had some Lipton Parmesan noodles whipped up right away.

Go Iron Pigs!

I managed a few snaps of Faith during our afternoon at the pool.  Here’s our little sunbathing beauty (in her mama’s glasses)-

I invite you to visit my friend Jessie’s blog to see what a June day in her life is like.





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June 24, 2014 - 2:09 pm

Kristina Knight - what a day! We’re just now getting the heat here…and it’s brutal! I’ll still take it over the sub-zero winter we had, though. :D

June 28, 2014 - 8:05 am

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